Trainer PA Features
Earn Commission 
Send recommendations to your client and earn 20% commission on over 4000 products.
7,000+ Exercises 
Choose from a huge library of exercises to create workout plans.
50,000+ Food Items
Choose from over 50,000 food items to create the perfect diet plan for any client.
Pre-built Plans
Hundreds of FREE pre-built workouts and diet plans designed to save you time. 
Product Packages
Create your own or select from our suggested product packages to send on to your clients. 
Result Tracking
Keep track of everything your client does directly in the app
Instant Messaging
The built-in instant message allows you to keep your private and professional life separated.
iOS & Android
Trainer PA works on both platforms.
Manage Client Sessions
Book and manage client sessions from within the app.
Clients will be sent a PAR-Q form when they sign up with you as their trainer.
Activity Feed
Keep a constant track of all your clients updates and upcoming sessions in the activity feed.
Earn Equity 
Trainer PA is offering 25% of the company to those trainers who get involved.
Totally Free!
No Contracts, No Fees, No Payments